The Accident Investigation Board (AIB)

The AIB investigates accidents and serious incidents within the Danish aviation sector (Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and serious accidents, accidents and incidents within the Danish railway sector.

Based on independent investigations, the AIB submits recommendations in order to prevent future accidents and incidents.

In addition and if either Danish passengers or a Danish registered aircraft or a Danish train are involved, the AIB participates in investigations, in which foreign safety investigation authorities are in charge. 

The AIB investigations do not apportion blame or liability. The sole purpose is to prevent future accidents and incidents.

The AIB addresses recommendations to the relevant authority in Denmark, which is the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (DTA). Within the aviation sector, recommendations are also addressed to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which in some areas manages a European regulator role.

The DTA, the EASA and the European Rail Agency (ERA), along with operators and organizations within the aviation and the railway sector are our most important partners.

The AIB investigation task is mandated through the Danish legislation.



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The AIB Denmark  •  Jættevej 50A, 1. sal, mf.  •  4100 Ringsted  •  Phone +45 38 71 10 66  •  E-mail:

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